Our process is unique. We make the complex, yet simple.

Here at decibels audio Systems Pvt ltd we begin with an idea. We turn that idea into reality. A simple drawing of a cinema, media room, screening room or mastering studio is one thing. We turn that concept into an exquisitely built, beautiful looking and standards based engineered reality. Complete and holistic.

"At Decibels Audio, it goes without saying that the audio and video source is faithful to the original in every respect, without loss, and brimming with the emotion intended by musicians and film directors alike."

Music Everywhere

Making sure your home has phenomenal music and sound is one of the things the Decibels team is most passionate about It. And we’re big believers that music should be heard and not seen. Don’t get us wrong, we love amazing Hi-Fi and Old School options as much as the next audiophile, but we excel in high-end, flush or completely invisible speakers that take their cue from thoughtful lighting. For example, can you spot the speakers in this photo? Just barely? We believe that’s exactly how it should be. When speakers are placed strategically and discreetly, even in often overlooked spaces like hallways and outdoor areas, you will be blown away by the experience. Music will suddenly both surround you and follow you as though coming from everywhere, and nowhere. No volume hotspots. No dead zones. Just your own personal soundtrack for everyday life.

Acoustical Solutions for Commercial and Residential Buildings

Let our local experts guide you to a home theater and acoustics setup that fits your home. Learn about the possibilities and test different setups – from 5.1 surround sound and advanced soundbars to TVs with quality sound built-in.

What Out Customers Say

saniha jainsaniha jain
15:37 15 Jun 23
If you’re looking for a full fledged home theatre then you’ve come to the right place! The designing, acoustics and everything is simply amazing and I can say that our home theatre is the best part of our home, all thanks to Mr. Mani and his team!✨
Suresh JainSuresh Jain
15:25 15 Jun 23
Our Home Theatre dream came true because of the dedication of Mr. Manikantan Iyer, Mr. Hari and their staff. The home theatre experience is ultimate and i would definitely recommend Decibles for all your home theatre needs!👍
16:18 05 Feb 21
Looking for Best speakers in town?I think you have searched for the best place . This place has a full package of turning you normal room into a movie theatre, speakers here are of the finest quality and also they have many varieties as well. The best part is they have a room where you can listen to the quality of the speakers before you buy them.I recommend this place for people who are looking for premium quality output. The staff here are very kind and they will answer all your questions and also help you out for selecting one of the best.
hariganesh Jhariganesh J
13:34 17 Apr 20
We are the number 1 Home Theater designers in India with world class products. Speaker brands - Davis Acoustics (Made in France), Dynavoice (Sweden), Yamaha Music