XA6800E Integrated Amplifier


XA6800E is an integrated amplifier which is especially designed for affording you a music feast. The top grade operating and amplifying component specially designed for audio use on the pre-stage and four pairs of gilt dynatrons for the power transistors ensure the excellent sound quality and better reliability.
We adopt L-type copper bar which is extremely good for the heat transferring and could transfer the heat produced by the power transistors to the big heat sinkers and keep the normal temperature of the amplifier, thus the stability of the power output of this unit could be ensured to the maximum. The symmetric design on the left and right channel along with the power supply transformer in the center reaches the reasonable weight location inside the enclosure to avoid the resonance.
This unit adopts annular high-power transformer, fast gilt rectifier bridges group and more than 40,000uF filtering capacitance to ensure the high power supply. Besides, it progresses the performance of this unit under high dynamics and keeps the sound mellow and thick.
On the appearance, XA6800E follows the way of classic type, the wooden panel inlaid metal and wooden knob making the whole look noble and elegant. For more new feeling of music, XA6800E is your best choice.

Technical Specification

Rated Output Power – 80W (8ohm)

Frequency Response – 10Hz-80KHz (0,-3dB)

S/N Ratio – 95dB

THD – 0.02%(1KHz)

Input Impedance  Р47Kohm

Net Weight  Р19.5Kg

Shipping Weight – 165 lbs(75Kg)

Dimensions (W*H*D) – 430mm*153mm*426mm