XA6200 (08 Version) Integrated Amplifier


XA6200 (08) is hybrid integrated amplifier with tube pre-stage and transistor back-stage to endow it with advantages of both tube amplifier and transistor amplifier. So the performance of this amplifier is not only satisfactory music feeling but also ideal acoustics.

The pre-amplifier stage adopts famous ECC88 (6922) which is good at linearity, low distortion, high solution and transparent timbre. Power transistors are two pair of A1943/C5200 in parallel connection to insure enough capacity of current output.


Compare to previous A600E, A600E(09) integrated amplifier is great improved in its power, it’s specially designed toroidal transformer with high-power and low-noise.

The back-stage power supply consists of a piece of high-power toroidal transformer, two pieces of 50A/1000V Bridge Rectifier and four pieces of high quality 10000uF/63V filter electrolytic capacitor and the left and right channel are completely separated. The power supply for the tubes filament and control are supplied from different windings from transformer.

Technical Specification

Rated Output Power – 100W (8ohm)

Input Sensitivity –  230mV

Frequency Response – 10Hz~100KHz (0.5dB)

S/N Ratio – 85dB

THD – 0.3%

Number of Channels 2

Power Consumption – 350W(Max)

Remote Control – Supported

Net Weight – 17Kg

Dimensions (W*H*D) –  430mm*149mm*432mm