PC200V Power Processor


PC-200V is a high grade power processor, and its work principle is process the input commercial power from the power grid by the energy regeneration system of this product and then output stable and pure 50Hz AC power. This process can revise any error of the sine wave which deviates from sine wave trajectory, reduce the power supply wave distortion, eliminate interference and regulate voltage, in order to get AC electric power with high purity.


PC-200V is designed with exquisite outlook and digitized functions together. It is equipped digital voltage meters inside, which can display the input and output voltage clearly. LED indicators can indicate the load state of the processor., which can make the user know the product work state conveniently. In addition, it also provides two groups of direct output sockets and several groups processed output sockets, which can supply power to various equipments. Complete over-current, over-voltage and temperature protection functions are supplied, which can make the product enter direct protection state automatically when the voltage, load or temperature exceed rated value.

Technical Specification

Rated Output Power  –  200W+2000W

Input Voltage –  180V-270V

Output connector –   6

Regulator Function  –  Yes

Net Weight  –  8Kg

Dimensions (W*H*D) –  420mm*112mm*343mm