MUSE Deluxe 1.0 CD Player


Muse Deluxe 1.0 (07 version) is an modified product basing on previous Muse Deluxe 1.0. The outlook design, laser pick-up, servo system, and control system of this new product is same as the ones for previous Muse Deluxe 1.0. The main improvement is on DAC sampling rate, analogy filter and such aspects. The main characters for this new products are as follow,

1. Adopt 24Bit/192KHz upsampling technology, in order to improve the sound quality.

The sampling rate is always a very important factor for sound quality and also sound color. Higher precision, the analogy information replayed will be vivider and with more detail. Low sampling rate makes the error after quantization is much more than the one of high sampling rate. Those errors (quantization noise) make the sound tizzy and muddy, especially when the volume is low, such problem is very obvious. Those harmonic components cause additive distortion. Our engineers especially design sampling rate process circuit for this new Muse Deluxe 1.0 (07 Edition). Such design could upsampling the rate as 24bit/192KHz from previous 44.1KHz/16bit, and also decode the CD digital signal record as PCM form after upsampling, in order to get higher process precision, improve the dynamic range and also the extension on the High, then the sound could be richer on the detail performance.


2. DAC and analogy filter

AD1852 is a DAC with 24Bit/192Hkz solution ability, which adopts Delta-Sigma to decode. The new Muse Deluxe 1.0 (07 edition) adopts this AD1852 for D/A converting the signal after sampling process. Therefore, it could replay every detail of the music precisely. In addition, in order to assure the precision of conversion, there is also precise clock circuit, which could reduce the jitter and the distortion caused by that. On the analog signal amplifier part, adopt OPA2134 and OPA134 from Burr-Brown company, matching with lowpass filter, military grade resistor and high quality mica capacitor, in order to make the audio signal purer.


3. Power Supply

Adopt closed toroidal transformer, which with high flux and less magnetic leakage, matching with especial designed steel shield cover, to reduce the electromagnetic interference. In addition, the 70VA transformer assures enough and steady energy supply to the circuit.

4. Output Ports

Two groups of RCA output ports, adopt tube as buffer amplifier output. The 6922 tube and elaborate design circuit, make the sound warm and smooth. In addition, one group balanced output ports, make the sound stage performance wider and localization more precise.

Technical Specification

Frequency Response – 20Hz~20KHz (+/-0.5dB)

S/N Ratio – 112dB

THD – <0.002%

Power Consumption  –  25W(Max.)

Dynamic Range –  113dB

Remote Control – Supported

Disc Capacity  –  One Disc

Output Level – 2Vrms

Dimensions (W*H*D) – 430mm*114mm*347mm