MT-3 Integrated Amplifier with RC


The new MT-3 stereo integrated amplifier is a new member of the MT-3 Series vacuum tube amplifier, the power amplifier part using the EL34 tubes. This device can switch between the triode and pentode, the maximum output power is 40W for each channel.

Compared with the MT-3, it mainly increased the remote control function, make it more easy for users to adjust the volume level and input switching operation.

Technical Specification

Rated Output Power  – 18W/ch , Pentode 40W/ch (8?)

Input Sensitivity –   400mV

Frequency Response   – 10Hz~70KHz

Input  –  RCA*3

S/N Ratio  – 89dB

THD   – 0.2%(1KHz)

Input Impedance  –  50K

Output Impedance  –  4, 8

Number of Channels  –  2

Tubes  –  12AX7*1, 6SN7GT*2,EL34*4

Remote Control  –  Supported

Net Weight  –  18.5Kg