LP-1 Phono Amplifier


LP-1 is a preamplifier for phono special. The power supply and signal processing are designed complete separate with each other. It adopts classic Matisse standard circuit, and support MM. There are 4 tubes inside in total. It adopts two-stage common-cathode amplifier and cathode follower, sets RIAA circuit connected in series. In addition, it especial adopts Xindak patent technology ‘Bias Technology for Avoiding the Dynamic Invalidation of Capacitor’. The sound performance is outstanding.

Technical Specification

Input  –  RCA*1

Input Impedance  –  47KO

Power Consumption –  25W

Output  –  RCA*1

Tubes  –  12AX7*2, 12AU7*2

Net Weight  –  9Kg

Dimensions (W*H*D) –   342mm*108mm*347mm