Olympia 2

olympia2noir sanscache

Philosophy of the Product

All the DAVIS’ knowledge in a small box. This bookshelf is the “big sister” of the OLYMPIA One!! You will reach deeper low frequencies, with the same accuracy.

For Home Theater Use

We recommand the CENTRAL HD speaker as a CENTRAL speaker, the BASSON 150 as subwoofer and some other OLYMPIA One for the surround. You will obtain a very homogeneous sound.

Our lab’s recommendations

This bookshelf is using our new driver 17 KLV6R with a 4 ohms voice coil. The low frequency response is amazing for the size of the speakers, also we have noticed a really good power handling. The handcrafted Xover permits to keep a really good dynamic. The linearity of the sensitivity curve is excellent, so the listening is never aggressive. This model can fit with a lot of different kinds of amplifiers.

Technical Specification

Bass reflex – 1 port at the back

Nominal power – 100 W

Max power – 130 W

Number of ways – 2

Number of drivers – 2

Sensitivity – 90 dB

Frequency range  – 42-21000 Hz

Tweeter – Dôme 28 mm

Midrange – Kevlar cone 17 cm (6″)

Dimensions (cm) – 24 x 30 x 40

Weight (kg) – 10

Impedance – 5 ohms (mini)

Frequency cut off – 3800 Hz