Matisse 3D

matisse 3d

Philosophy of the Product

Still discrete, 3D MATISSE contains a summary of technology.

For Home Theater Use

Center speaker recommended for use Home cinema 3D Central

Column speakers that can be combined as part of a pack Cinema: VINCI 3D (for the front channels and 3D surround MATISSE), or pregnant HD range

Surround Library Recommended: DUFY, DUFY DUFY HD or 3D
Subwoofer recommended: 150 BASSOON

Our lab’s recommendations

Still magical, 3D MATISSE is dressed in a trendy new cabinet and enhanced by a base of the most beautiful effect.

Very discreet, it will nevertheless be surprised by the high power handling, the veracity of the audio message, or even a perfect analysis.

Technically, it still relies on his excellent speaker medium internationally renowned. It comes with a soft dome tweeter, to transcribe the very high frequencies, without becoming aggressive (as is sometimes the case on metal tweeters). Two speakers are the same size support in the bass, quickly and decisively.

This new version is obviously compatible with older lines within a home theater.

Technical Specification

Bass reflex – Port in the front

Nominal power – 80 W

Max power – 120 W

Number of ways – 3

Number of drivers – 4

Sensitivity – 91 dB

Frequency range (+/- 3 dB) – 40-20000 Hz

Tweeter – 25mm soft dome

Midrange – kevlar 13 cm

Woofer – 2 x 13 cm cellulose

Dimensions (cm) – 16.5 x 25 x 98

Weight (kg) – 16.5

Impedance – 4.8 ohms

Cut off frequencies – 350/3500 Hz