Centrale HD


Philosophy of the Product

The center speaker in the range, it uses the same design as the columns for a seamless integration.While discrete, once the protective cover installed, however, it is able to withstand high power without flinching.

For Home Theater Use

Column speakers that can be combined as part of a pack Cinema: VINCI2, MATISSE
Surround Recommended: DUFY
Subwoofer usually advised: C150 or SUB DELTA (Black)

Our lab’s recommendations

The ideal companion for VINCI2 of the MATISSE and DUFY. The filters used for all Series speakers are close, and the same speakers, which allows to switch from one model to another without losing the . homogeneity of the importance of the position with the back wall is low. A position facing the listening area.
Recommended: “small” (80 Hz cutoff) fashion

central HD laque 1
Technical Specification

Bass reflex – 1 circular vents

Nominal power – 80 W

Max power – 120 W

Number of channels – 2

Number of speakers – 3

Performance – 91 dB

Frequency response – 50-20000 Hz

Tweeter – 25mm

Midrange – 2 x 13 cm Kevlar

Dimensions (cm) – 15x22x38

Weight (kg) – 10

Impedance –  4-8 ohms

Crossover Frequency – 3500 Hz